Episode #24 Encore of – The Importance of Cities with Sam Mamet Executive Director of CML

An interesting conversation with Sam Mamet the Executive Director of the Colorado Municipal League. We discuss how cities deliver services and the roles of local officials. The importance of state and local partnerships. Sam relates several stories from his decades of experience serving cities in Colorado and Nevada.
I would like to welcome you to Wimmer’s Wilderness. We are working to bring greater awareness to our local communities and how important they are. We as individuals can have a significant impact on the quality of our communities. I have always wanted to create a way to help bring a little more light on important issues that affect us. I have created a Podcast called Wimmer’s Wilderness to give voice to this idea. Wimmer’s Wilderness is an informed look at decisions about Politics, Community, Government, Environment and Education from a local perspective.
Our regions, states and countries are simply a collection of local communities working together. If we are able to make a positive change in our local communities then that will lead to better outcomes at the regional, state and national level.


Episode #23 Q&A #2

This is our second Episode answering listener questions. We cover topics ranging from Home Rule, why cities build parks and trails and Economic Development subsidies. We answer 5 questions in depth and provide a lot of great information.

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