Episode #47 Education


In Episode #47, we discuss Education funding trends from 2005 to date. We explore the effects on education funding of the Great Recession and the economic recovery up to the Covid19 Pandemic impact.

Our second topic delves into the promise of state lotteries and the realities of their negative trends on education funding.

We finish with my run for a local school board seat and our fun Quiz.

Episode #46 Census

In episode #46, we are going to discuss the census in depth. I have covered the census previously, but it is essential to keep getting the word out to get our national count completed and done accurately.

We are covering 5 points

Point #1 What is the Census?
Point #2 What it means to Apportionment?
Point #3 What it means to Funding?
Point #4 Why is this Census Different in 2020?
Point #5 How do we Count everyone?