Episode #42 Mask, Covid19 & Bees

In Episode #42 Mask, Covid19, and Bees, we delve into a Gallup Poll about mask-wearing, discuss Covid19 spread, and honey bees. We share a lot of great information in the first two segments and finish with my passion project, raising honey bees. Wimmer’s Wilderness is an informed look at Politics, Community, Government, Environment, and Education from a local perspective. Our regions, states, and countries are simply a collection of local communities working together. If we can make a positive change in our local communities, that will lead to better outcomes at the regional, state, and national levels.

Episode #41 Dropping Thursday

Episode #41 of Wimmer’s Wilderness Podcast drops Thursday, June 4th. We have a great conversation with former North Branch, MN Mayor Kirsten Kennedy.

We discuss her campaign for the 2018 DFL nomination in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, her years of community organizing, mayoral campaigns, her work to improve public health, and her winning a Bush Foundation Award.

It is, at times, blunt and raw as we discuss the harsh political climate in her area and throughout the Country.

Episode #40 Mask, Food Banks & Opening Up

We discuss the politics and necessity of wearing a face mask during the time of Covid19. Food Banks across our Country face escalating demands and dwindling resources. Our Country is moving fast to open up economic activities, and we delve into the positives and negatives.

We finish this episode with our Quiz and a chance to win a Wimmer’s Wilderness Mason Jar Drinking Glass, recycled cardboard pen, retractable/reusable straw, and a candle made from our very own beeswax.