My name is George Wimmer, and I am running to represent you on our Connexus Board. I am asking for your support this April. If you pay a Connexus electric bill, you are a member-owner and have a right to vote for Board Members. All board positions, regardless of district, are elected by all members. If you live in Blaine you can still vote for me in District 3 as an example.

If that is news to you, then that is your first reason to vote in new members. If you do not know who currently represents you on the Board of Connexus, a company you own with $453,628,667 in assets, then that is the second reason. Thirdly, consider that most of the members have served for decades, in some cases over 40 years. A lot has changed in 40 years.

The most important reason to vote is to bring in the needed changes to move our electric cooperative into the future.
With your help, we can achieve our goal of affordable, reliable, and sustainable electricity.

Pledge to Vote. Your information is kept private and is only used to remind you to Vote in the April Connexus Board Election. I need your help.

Watch my short 2 minute video and please Pledge to Vote.