Local Government Record


  • Per Capita Income increased 77%
  • Median Household Income increased 54%
  • Median House Value is $35,550 higher than neighboring City
  • Long-Term Financial Plan
  • Cut net debt from $9.1 million to $2.9 million since being elected Mayor
  • Improved City Credit Rating from Baa or 1 step from Junk/Speculative rating to AA+ or High Quality
  • Administrative cost per capita are 20% less than our peer cities
  • Spending is 16% less than peer cities
  • 48% net increase in total number of businesses
  • Local jobs increased by 40% since being elected Mayor
  • Received multiple Business Recruitment Awards from the Minnesota Economic Development Association


  • Cut Sewer Base Fee 50%
  • Cut Water Base fee 25%
  • Cut SAC/WAC fees $2,500
  • Cut City Property Tax Rate 7% for 2018 Budget
  • Cut City Property Tax Rate 21% for 2019 Budget
  • Formal City Rules, Procedures & Transparency
  • Increased General Fund balance 42% since 2015
  • Made City Council meetings video recorded to improve transparency
  • Mayor’s Employer Appreciation Awards
  • Business Retention and Expansion visits with existing businesses


  • Isanti named 6th Safest City in Minnesota (out of 853 cities)
  • Added Patrol Officer and Police Investigator positions and Police Bike Patrol
  • Isanti School Resource Officer named #1 in the State
  • Improved Police equipment and technology
  • Won Drinking Water Quality Award
  • Won Blue Star Award for Protecting and Preserving Minnesota’s Water Resources
  • Won Conservationist of the Year Award 2018
  • Created Residential Handbook
  • Isanti’s Farmers Market
  • Street Dances
  • Youth Programming
  • Increased recreational opportunities
  • 67% increase in Park land through negotiation with developers and DNR at ZERO cost to Taxpayers
  • Fit City Designation
  • Green Step City