Episode #57 Dr. King’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail

In Episode #57, we hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail. After my brief introduction, we listen to Dr. King read his letter. It is a masterpiece of thought and persuasive argument.

I hope you listen to his words and how he answers his critics, details the injustice, shows the path forward, and truthfully explains the suffering they must endure. Dr. King mentioned not one word of harming others, not one thought of retribution for hundreds of years of slavery, abuse, and death, and not one word of vengeance.

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Episode #56, Conversation with GreenSteps Co-Directors Kristin Mroz and Lola Schoenrich

In episode #56, Conversation with GreenSteps Co-Directors Kristin Mroz and Lola Schoenrich, we explore the positive contributions local communities can have on our lives. We cover a multitude of topics:

Renewable Energy
Green Space
Local Communities
Comprehensive Solutions
Climate Change
Tribal Nations

Kristin and Lola share their wealth of knowledge on these topics and many more. They detail how the Minnesota GreenStep program works and benefits the 141 communities that have volunteered to participate. We also touch on the Sustainable States Network and the Great Plains Institute.

As Lola said in our chat, “Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.”

Episode #55 Conversation with Chiara Riolfi of BeeVital

Episode #55 of Wimmer’s Wilderness Podcast features our first international conversation with BeeVital’s very own Chiara Riolfi. BeeVital is an Austrian Company specializing in honeybee health.

Chiara shared a great deal of information about honeybees in numerous countries, regulatory issues when bringing a product to market and how a science-based business improves our environment.

Episode #54 Conversation with Keith Dragisich about Community Banking

In today’s Episode of Wimer’s Wilderness, we have a conversation with Keith Dragisich, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, about Community Banking. What is a community bank? It is a locally owned and operated financial institution. They address the needs of a community by offering loans to small-business owners or personal loans to individuals.

Keith and I discuss the benefits of local community banks and how they have evolved. We share several stories and take a deep dive into banking operations. Keith gives us a lot of great advice on how businesses and individuals can benefit from local banks.

Episode #53 Auquaponics

In Episode #53, we talk with Clayton Timm of Green Leaf Farms. This aquaponics operation based in Chetek, Wisconsin, is producing Fresh Swiss chard, basil, romaine, kale, leaf lettuce, and tilapia. 

At the start of the episode, I give a few minutes of aquaponics history and background information.

Clayton and I then discuss the aquaponics’ ins and outs and have a little advice if you are interested in starting your operation.