Per Capita & Median Household Income

As we enter 2018 it is a good time to remind ourselves of the positive changes in our Community. Isanti had the lowest per capita income in the county before I was elected Mayor. In the year 2000 Isanti was at $16,662 per capita with Braham at $16,693 and Cambridge at the highest with $20,697. In 2016 we are in a much better place. Isanti leads with a per capita income of $29,429 with Cambridge in 2nd at $24,137 and Braham with $21,696. That means the City of Isanti has had a 77% increase in Per Capita income with Braham increasing 29.9% and Cambridge only increasing 16.6%. The 2016 Median Household Income (MHI) tells a similar story. Isanti increased 54% to a 2016 total of $67,026 (MHI). Cambridge over the same period improved 30% to $45,871 followed by Braham with a 27% increase to $44,101.

I am not posting the information on the other cities in Isanti County to show them in a negative light. I want to show that the City of Isanti has made purposeful decisions that sometimes are not popular at the time but have proven to be good for our City. If we are to provide the City services and amenities that are needed, we must have a strong financial base to work from. The Long Term Financial Plan, Long Term Development Plan and City Standards we created are helping to drive these positive economic changes.

I will be posting more about how our Community has made great strides forward in my 12 years as Mayor. We have accomplished so much and together we will continue to work hard towards our goals.

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