Bike/walk Trail

Riding along the bike/walk trail connecting Isanti & Cambridge last evening. This was the first project I worked on in our community. This was before I ever ran for Mayor and before I was on City Council. This project taught me a lot about how to accomplish big goals for our City and region. Being Co-chair of the volunteer Bike/Walk Committee was a great privilege that allowed me to work with so many amazing people and learn from them. This experience along with being President of the Isanti Jaycees is what lead me to run for City Council in 2004. The years of volunteering and several years on Council were what prepared me to be Mayor. Without those experiences and all the hard work and building relationships, my service as Mayor through the Great Recession and now in better economic times could not have been so succesful. Isanti is a small city and yet we have hundreds of items we make decisions on each year along with setting long term goals & plans, budgets, staffing and much more . Being Mayor is a great privilege and tremendous responsibility. The Council and I are directly responsible for approximately 6,000 residents and all of our businesses, schools and nonprofits. We have been through a lot together and we do not know what else we will face in the future. We do know that we have the experience, the skills and the vision to make Isanti the best city it can be. If you haven’t walked or bike the trail you absolutely should as it a try.

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