Putting up signs

Putting up signs tonight. I think the current city code follows the state guidelines on 46 days before election which would be in two days. Our polling place rules also state no political attire shall be worn to an election. This however was struck down by the supreme court as interference of the 1st Ammendment which protects political speech above all else. Our City attorney during one of the past election cycles had stated that we can not regulate political signs. The biggest change in Minnesota election law is that early voting is allowed starting in 2 days. The old 46 day before general election sign rule was created when there we strict rules on early voting. Now early voting can be done by nearly everyone. The election starts in 2 days with early voting not August 14th. So those sharing their deep concerns my signs are going up now know it is not an issue. Thank you for your heartfelt communications. *** put out about 20% of signs and will get rest out in next two days***

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