BMX State Finals

Isanti Indoor Arena Home of Rum River BMX – the #1 Track in the Nation – is hosting the 2018 MN State Series Final Aug 25th 11am to Aug 26th 5pm. Great work by all the volunteers, parents & riders to keep our track #1 year after year.

Click the link to learn all the great details. BMX is free to watch and is exciting as they move around the track. I have to say the concession prices are a good value. The more successful BMX is the more successful Isanti is.

I started working with BMX volunteers in 2004 and built a great trust in their efforts to put Isanti on the BMX map. This lead to our 2014 proposal to the City Council to build the Isanti Indoor Arena. I staked my reputation as Mayor on the success of this great group of people. They have exceeded our goals as they year after year are named the #1 Track in the Nation.

Rum River BMX pays the City for the use of the Arena which reimburses our bond payments on the building. We want and need Rum River BMX to be successful. Thank you Rum River BMX and your volunteers, parents, riders and spectators for helping to make Isanti such a Great Community.

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