Economic Development

“The City of Isanti Development Team, especially Mayor Wimmer and Economic Development Director Sean Sullivan, were tremendous to work with. The knowledge and expertise of City Officials and Staff helped us every step of the way to navigate through state and local incentive programs. Our collaboration with the City of Isanti was pivotal in securing meaningful business incentives from the Minnesota Investment Fund, Job Creation Fund as well as other programs. These results made our move from Fargo, North Dakota to Isanti, Minnesota possible. Isanti is a great community and we are proud to be a part of it.” – Mario J. Nozzarella, Executive Vice President SnoBear USA.

We did what they say could not be done, we recruited a manufacturing business from North Dakota to Minnesota. The Governor, both U.S. Senators, U.S. Representative and State Representative all came and toured our project because it was such an accomplishment. We won the 2016 Business Recruitment Award from the Economic Development Association of Minnesota for this achievement. This was our 2nd Award in my time as Mayor.

In 2009 we won our first Business Recruitment Award from the Economic Development Association of Minnesota for Ever Cat Fuels. This business leads the way in Green Technology for bio-fuels. The scientific discoveries that made this possible were from the University of Minnesota and Augsburg College. We were successful in landing this business through hard work, long hours and dedication to diversify our tax base and providing good paying jobs to our Community.

My Economic Development Team was completely different each time but my commitment to growing our business community is as strong as ever. We have leveraged $700,000 in State funds that produced over $12,000,000 in private investments. We are the only City even remotely this size to win such an award let alone two.

We excel in Isanti and are recognized for business success, environmental stewardship, economic growth, livability and so on. Isanti is a Great place to live, work and play because we work hard every day. Being Mayor of Isanti is a full time job if you are doing it right. It is why we have a 48% net increase of total businesses and a 40% net increase of local jobs since 2010

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