Week in Review 3-22-19

In this episode of Week in Review we are adding two new segments. First is Lies, Damn lies and statistics – a segment to go over some recent numbers that impact local communities. The second new segment is our weekly quiz. After the lies, damn lies and statistics segment and each of the four short story segments I will ask a question. Go to georgewimmer.org and click on the week in review tab to send in your answers. All answers need to be in by 1 week from the date in the Week in Review title. Example this week in review is March 22nd 2019. All answers need to be sent by midnight of March 29th. I will pick a winner at random from all correct entries. We are working on prizes but at the time of this recording you will win my undying gratitude and your name read on our next week in review episode.

Our four short segments start with a story on the ravages of climate change on military installations – Some pretty aggressive action being proposed by the state legislature in Illinois to raise state and local revenue-  Our good GOP friends in Florida and their never ending pursuit to end local control – then move on to why so many legislative and local offices go unchallenged in our country. We finish with our intractable issue – School funding.


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