Interview with Retired Major Alan Duff

Interview with Retired Major Alan Duff about his service to our Country, his books and how he transitioned to elective local office after his 23 year military service.

We discuss his experience both good and bad bringing military values to local government.

Alan Duff served twenty-three years in military leadership, retiring as a Major in 2005. He then served six years as an elected official in local government.

Duff founded Duff Companies, LLC in 2009 and currently serves as President of this company. His education includes a BS in political science, and a master’s degree in urban and regional management.

Duff has extensive experience advocating for our nation’s veterans at state and federal capitals. In 2013, he was awarded the Veteran Advocate for the Year award from the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal. He currently lives in Isanti, Minnesota.’

Alan Duff now speaks around the country about three topics that are near and dear to him: Celebrating America, Regaining Our Lost Government and Bringing Americanism to Life.

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