Episode #16 May 24th 2019 Week in Review

I would like to welcome you to Wimmer’s Wilderness Podcast. I am your host George Wimmer. We are working to bring greater awareness to our local communities and how important they are.

Our regions, states and countries are simply a collection of local communities working together. If we are able to make a positive change in our local communities then that will lead to better outcomes at the regional, state and national level. Wimmer’s Wilderness Podcast is an informed look at Politics, Community, Government, Environment and Education from a local perspective.

In today’s episode we are discussing what areas of the country pays the most in income tax in our lies damn lies and statistics segment. We talk about state legislative impacts on property taxes, we thank Gov Ron Desantis of Florida for vetoing legislation that could have led to more pollution and finish our three main topics this week with the census. We have a couple interesting faux sponsor segments sprinkled in and as always finish with our week in review quiz.

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