Episode #18 Week in Review 6-7-19

Welcome to Episode #18 of Wimmer’s Wilderness, I am your host George Wimmer. I have 16 years in local Government with 12 years as Mayor. Hopefully I have learn a few thing in my 30 years of volunteer work and Community organizing.

Wimmer’s Wilderness Podcast is an informed look at Politics, Community, Government, Environment and Education from a local perspective.

A couple big news items this week we discuss

  • Mexico tariffs on top of Chinese tariffs
  • Climate change comments by the president
  • Jobs numbers being the lowest in decades – stagnant wage growth – stock market up on job numbers hoping interests cut – slowing economy affects on local govt check out Episode #17

Then on with Lies, Damn Lies and statistics our local environment, community gardens and how local energy production is improving our communities.

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