Veterans Day

When Country Calls

My Grandfather sent these words to my Grandmother in 1917 as America was preparing to fight in World War One. After the war they started a family together. They had 14 children, 11 boys and 3 girls. We must honor our soldiers and their families each and every day.


A poem written by Ted Wimmer to Agnes

When Country Calls


I feel so very lonesome tonight

I don’t know what to do

I feel so blue and downhearted right

So I’ll write a few lines to you.


I was dreaming of the days gone by

And the hours I spent with you

My eyes grew dim, and with a sigh

I said your love must be true.


There’s a sort of pain that hurts my heart

When I think of the hour drawing nigh

The sad day when we two must part

When I’ll kiss you and say good bye.


Remember me and do not fear

To you, I’ll always be true

I’ll always think of you my dear

And I hope to return to you.


Rivers, mountains and the ocean may lie

Between your soldier and you

His love for you will never die

If you’ll promise you’ll be true.


Your soldier begs of you to say

At the rising of the sun

A prayer for him, that this very day

May not be his last one.


And when this war to an end has come

And the troops God spared return

The world again its peace has won

Your soldier’s love for you will burn.


And if the giver of all good

Hears the prayers of your spotless heart

At least I hope and pray he would

That I return never more to part.

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