Don’t forget about the Debt

We have what is considered a good economy. This is based on a mountain of National Debt over $23 Trillion with each tax payer owing $187,173. President Trump in his first 4 years will have added over $5 Trillion. Currently this year he has added over $1.3 Trillion.

Scary thing is this is the first ‘Good Economy’ where the National Debt & Deficits increased at a record pace. If there are any Conservatives left please stand up for lowering the National Debt. This debt is eating up more & more of the Federal Budget every year and more money gets borrowed to pay the interest payments.

What happens when the economy goes into Recession as it always does as part of the normal economic cycle? Democrats & Republicans both are ignoring this issue.

Everyone should be scared of these numbers. Episode #27 of Wimmer’s Wilderness Podcast goes into this with great detail.

Episode #27 Crippling National Debt

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